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Just as you are

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


Bo. Quemado, Mayaguez, P.R.

Welcome to the new semester! Fall 2021. For some of you, is the first time going physically to the university, for others is freshman year "for real". For some of my older students (you are not old, you are 19-26 yrs old, 47 yrs is old! LOL), is coming again to experiences you already know but maybe from a new perspective. COVID. Its a new experience for all of us, even professors. So, I want to share goals/motivation/advice/pointers I am following myself this semester. I am not an expert, and I always advise to seek advice from appropriate professionals. The following are life's lesson, from my experience.

"Don't trade your authenticity for approval." @hellooctober

1. Be you. Don't feel pressured to do something, be different (behavior, fashion, habits) so you are liked. You are needed for your uniqueness, weirdness, creativity, passion, sense of humor (weird, silly, dark or have none), sensitivity or lack, and so many other million things.

2. Make a list. Plan ahead. Write down your goals (semester, personal long term) then break down on the tasks, attitudes you need to achieve those goals. I like the Vision Board Idea, see above, because its a graphic and visual way to see where you want to go. I love the right picture, The Travel Vision board. That's next on my list. (MC does not own the rights the pics).

3. Take care of your Health. I remember when a "prepa" at COLEGIO, this aspect of my life was a mess. It was my first time living by myself (somewhat because I spent the last year at CROEM), cooking for myself, going shopping for groceries, learning how to take care of things. Also, I was not sleeping well, because I thought by staying up until 3-4am studying a couple of days would help me in my courses, and "Hey, I am young I can take it." DONT. Try to eat right, walk and/or practice a sport, sleep well and a hobby (studying does not count). Here are my tips:

Eat right = I follow Nadia, a vegan nutritionist and her website/Youtube channel is "Pick up limes". She gives this advice: Eat 90-10. Good food 90 percent of the time and not so healthy the other 10 percent of the time.

Walk/Sport = Walking. You have to do that anyways as "prepas" but look for a strenuous activity like a sport or strength training for at least 30 minutes/ 3 days a week.

Sleep well = You only know how many hours you need to have a good/productive day. Also, some are morning and others are night people. Adjust your agenda. Myself, I am morning person, and I need at least 6 hrs.

Hobby = Music (go to a live activity), Reading (Audible, Blinklist, old fashioned hard cover book!), art (paint, sculptures, speaking word) or gardening. I am trying the gardening activity. I want to see if I inherited the green thumb. Right now, is still undecided. LOL.

"inhale: In freedom, I say no. Exhale: I don't need a reason." @blackliturgies, 2021

4. Your boundaries are important. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when something is not right? Your gut. YES. That's your subconscious telling you, this does not agree with what I am comfortable, my boundaries. Follow that. No explanations necessary.

These are just a few of the things, but I don't want to bore you to death.

BUT: Be with friends that accept you and love you. JUST AS YOU ARE.


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