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"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy." IG:_nightbirde


Bo. Quemado, Mayaguez P.R.

¡Hola! Nice to chat again. I hope you are well. I am copying a format of writing from one of my favorites movies from the 90s, "You've got mail". Meg Ryan starts writing an email to Tom Hanks like this: "I like to start writing as we were in the middle of a conversation we did not finished..."

Well gente, as you know I had my first surgery back in May 27, 2021. It was 4-hour procedure and I still suffer from headaches but my scar is funny. It has the shape of a question mark. LOL. See below.

I think that's THE CHIEF playing a joke, cause I am always asking questions. Very curious. The good news is my right side eardrum is finally vibrating. Funny again, for an experimentalist in structural dynamics. But my left eardrum is still flat. So, I need another question mark on the left side. Perfect because in Spanish we use two question mark symbols.

NightBirde's words changed my life. I admire and respect her a lot. Follow her on IG. Watch her audition at AGT with her original song, "It's OK". And pray and/or have positives thoughts for her.

Mi gente: Its OK and its going to get better. I shared my scars because,

"your scars are someone else's signs of hope"

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